Podcast: Terri Binion & “The Day After The Night Before”

Just ahead of her new CD debut on March 18th, Terri Binion was in the studio talking about and sharing tracks from her upcoming album, The Day After the Night Before, which completed a successful crowdfund a few months back.

“Terri [is] a magic person–someone who not only follows her own compass, but who is guided by stars not visible to the average eye.” – Jim White

Jessica Pawli guest hosted on Wednesday, March 9th from 4 to 5pm for an intimate interview with Terri Binion her music and songwriting. Listen to the podcast below (interview starts at 9:30 mark)


binionTerri Binion is an accomplished musician with international reach & the gracious grande dame of local music in Central Florida.

Her 1996 album, “Leavin’ This Town” was a quiet but major success for an unknown and led to show openings for Gillian Welch, Arlo Guthrie, Elejandro Escovedo and Steve Forbert and took her on the road with The Indigo Girls during the “Shaming Of The Sun” tour.

Her next record “Fool” was released in 2002 with local Central Florida producer, David Schweizer at his home studio, Richter Records, and featured Lucinda Williams singing harmony on the song “GayleAnne.”  The album brought her to Holland two years in a row to tour while garnering great reviews in both American and European music magazines and performing very well on the Americana Charts in the US and Europe.

Tune in on March 9th at 4pm EST to WPRK 91.5 FM in Winter Park, FL or listen live online here.

Global Peace Film Festival Filmmaker Roundup with Nina Streich

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Nina Streich is the Producer of the Global Peace Film Festival now in it’s ninth year here in Central Florida. This podcast discusses the festival and several filmmakers filled the studio to share about their films and the important topics they are so passionate about.

  • Lisa Tillmann, director of Off the Menu and a Rollins professor
    Whose political and economic interests are served by the ways people in the U.S. tend to relate to our own bodies, to others’ bodies, to eating, and to food? In the arenas of body and food, who has what kind of power? Who profits, and at whose expense? How can everyday people—like us!—resist and promote healthier relationships with body and food? Off the Menu documents a collaboration between 24 students and one professor of a course called The Political Economy of Body and Food. Through research, personal narratives, and critical art, contributors interrogate body and food-related assumptions, stereotypes, attitudes, values, and practices. 
  • Aleksey Siman, director of Food for Granted
    Food for Granted explores the issues of food waste and ostensible overproduction of food in restaurants, buffets and convention centers. Food industry tosses away tons of good, unused food everyday, while one in five people in United States struggle to put food on the table. Using Central Florida as the example of this underrated subject matter, filmmaker Aleksey Siman poses candid and inquisitive questions to food industry professionals in hopes to find a solution to a food waste epidemic. 
  • Emmanuel Itier, director of a film in last year’s festival – The Invocation – and he has a work in progress called “Femme: Women Healing the World” http://www.wonderlandentgroup.com/?n=news
  • Bob Frye, director of In My LIfetime

Folk Musician Matt Butcher discusses Ghostwriting Album Release

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Local music legend Matt Butcher is moving to Nashville to see what happens next. Here’s a listen to how he got here with a preview of tracks from his new album, Ghostwriting.

Enjoy the video below that was mentioned on air.

“Stickin’ Around” by The Heathens from Benjamin Piety on Vimeo.

The Scoop with Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall

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Beth Marshall, recently crowned Orlando’s Best Cheerleader (Best of Orlando 2011), talks about her transition from Fringe Producer to her full time focus on Beth Marshall Presents, including upcoming shows that are in the works. It’s a lively discussion with the ladies, laughs will be had by all!

Beth Marshall Presents is an independent production company based out of Orlando Florida, producing theatrical, dance, music, multi-media performance art and all things creative in arts&entertainment with a special focus on original works and touring festival circuits.

Beth Marshall has been a theatre artist for the past 25 years. She has acted, directed, stage managed, and produced in over 400 theatrical productions across the globe.

Dreamtime with Brian MacGregor

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Art On Display in June

Savannah artist Brian MacGregor joins us on the Porch to discuss his really freaking awesome art and lots and lots about the dream world. He is showing his work at Dandelion Communitea Cafe for the month of June. Jeremy Seghers also joins the discussion as curator for the cafe and Front Porch regular.

MacGregor’s concept behind his art focuses on a visual metaphor of the Collective Unconscious, dreams, and his international travels. He attempts to depict this realm by including hundreds of real people’s hand written dreams collected over many years from all ages and written in multiple languages. He then glues and paints over the dreams into his mixed media paintings. They are applied in a chaotic scientific fashion to mimic the building blocks of the human collective psyche. The imagery for these works ranging from landscapes, color fields, to figurative.