Podcast: Workers Voice Tour with Lupe Gonzalo

There have been incredible strides in the Florida Fight for Fair Food, but there are still a few holdouts, notably Wendy’s, which made an interesting decision recently. According to the Coalition for Immokalee Workers: “Just as the industry was being called “the best working environment in American agriculture” on the front page of the New York Times for its commitment to the human rights standards of the Fair Food Program, Wendy’s moved its substantial purchases of fresh tomatoes away from Florida in early 2015.  That’s right, they affirmatively decided to buy their tomatoes from farms offering workers fewer protections.
Guadalupe Gonzalo, a farmworker with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers & interpreter Daniel Cooper brought us the latest from the fields of Florida and the Workers’ Voice Tour that is happening on March 2-12 and gave us insight into the organizing structure of the CIW & how they are now sharing their activism throughout the country with farmworkers around the nation.
Listen to the interview here:

About the Fair Food Program

FFPPoster_GRNFINAL_600.pngThe Fair Food Program (FFP) is an historic partnership among farmworkers, Florida tomato growers, and 14 multibillion-dollar tomato retailers. By committing to the FFP, participating retailers require more humane labor standards from their suppliers, agree to purchase exclusively from those who meet these higher standards, and pay a “penny-per-pound” premium which is passed down through the supply chain and paid out to workers by their employers. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is a worker-based human rights organization based in Immokalee, FL and the creator of the internationally recognized Fair Food Program (FFP).

16WVTfinal_600About the Workers’ Voice Tour

This March, Immokalee farmworkers will embark on the 10-day, 5-city Workers’ Voice Tour where, joined by thousands of consumer allies, they will take the powerful message of Fair Food directly to Wendy’s doorstep.
The final march will be help Saturday, March 12 in Palm Beach, FL to amplify CIW’s call for justice in the fields and demand that Wendy’s become part of an industry that hears, respects – and gives a rightful, dignified place to – workers’ voices.
This program originally aired live on WPRK 91.5 fm at 4pm on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.  

FPR:: Farmworkers & Tobacco with Lariza Garzon and Justin Flores

Do you smoke cigarettes or know someone that does? Get ready to make your new years resolution to quit actually stick when you listen to this episode of Front Porch Radio about Tobacco in the Fields.
Lariza Garzon of the National Farm Worker Ministry (www.nfwm.org) & Youth and Young Adult Network (www.nfwm-yaya.org) joins us one again with Justin Flores from the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (www.floc.com) discussing Tobacco in the fields.

Watch this music video about a farmworker that died in the tobacco fields.

FPR:: Pesticides in the Fields


Lariza Garcon puts together another compelling show in our Farmworkers Series.


Linda Lee, Former Apopka Farm Worker
Jeannie Economos, Farm Worker Association of Florida (www.floridafarmworkers.org)
Lariza Garzon, National Farm Worker Ministry (www.nfwm.org)

For more information about pesticides visit: www. panna.org

To sign a petition asking the EPA to ban Cholrpyrifos: http://action.panna.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=2268

To Learn more about Lake Apopka Farm Workers http://www.politicsoftheplate.com/?p=495

To get involved: http://www.nfwm-yaya.org

FPR:: Farmworker Immigration Issues


Lariza Garzon of the YaYa group returns with Ana Laura Bolanos, President of Alliance of Active Women to discuss the issues surrounding immigration and farm workers in this fourth installment of our Farmworker Series. Undocumented high school students call in to share their personal stories that are not often heard. Learn about the Dream Act the students talk about here:  http://www.dreamactivist.org/

Also calling in was Erica Lomeli, Civic Engagement Program Director from the UFW Foundation talking about AgJOBS Reform  http://www.ufwfoundation.org/reform/index.html

L to R: Julie (&Maya) Lariza & Ana

FPR:: Farmworker Awareness Week


Lariza Garzon of the YaYa group returns with farmworker rights veteran Bert Perry of the National Farm Workers Ministry to discuss the history of the movement in Florida, giving us an excellent overview of Cesar Chavez‘ inspirational advocacy in the Sunshine State. Antonio gives us all ways we can be part of the solution, including the Farmworker Freedom March going on now.