Tips for Guests

WELCOME! Two things you need to do:

  1. Send me a short bio & very brief selections of topics and/or questions. Email to so I can properly promote. Bio should be no more than 3-5 sentences plus a headshot and any promo images you might have such as book cover, flyer, etc. Also include which web address you would like to direct our audience to.
  2. Promote your upcoming show in advance & the day of your appearance. I’ve prepared this simple promo packet for you. (Coming Soon)

The Day of the Show

Format: The show is very informal and should be fun for our listeners. Don’t be afraid to laugh & have a good time! Oftentimes, my guests are coming on to bring awareness about a particular event – please remember that while we certainly want to get that information out there, our listeners would like to hear the subject you have your expertise in. Let’s inform, educate, entertain and inspire!

Start Time: The show starts at 4pm and ends at 5pm. Parking can be a challenge while school is in session, so plan to arrive on campus by 3:30 to allow time to find a space and walk to the studio unless we’ve arranged otherwise.

Call In Guests: Please call 407-646-2915 right at 4pm, but not before. I’ll be playing transition announcements from the previous show. Optimal calls are from a land line in a quiet place with no background noise. Minimize moving the handset to reduce noises and no speakerphones.

Don’t: No cussing & no “Calls to Action” or announcing an event’s price in regards to for-profit events or places. Don’t say “check this out” or “go to xyz today.”

Do: Have a conversational tone. Be engaging. Take up space. Remember that we are here to have conversations for the common good. Be human, be kind, be passionate, be yourself. Also, remind me to record the show before we start – sometimes I forget because it can be hectic. You are encouraged to take photos, but please silence your ringer.

Optional: Bring along your favorite local music for us to play between talking.

Finding WPRK

Getting There: The radio station is located at Rollins College in beautiful Winter Park. Here are some directions to Rollins College. The entrance to WPRK is on the east side of the Mills Memorial Center (building #331 on this campus map). It really is in the basement.

Parking: Can be tough but usually is not too bad. You can park across the street at the parking garages or try one of the lots on campus. The lot I have the most success with is the one between buildings 319 & 311 on this map, it is located past the greenhouse on the southeast portion of the map. Put a note on your dash stating that you are a WPRK guest. Parking services don’t usually much bother checking the lots after 3:30 unless it’s towards the beginning of a semester, I’ve not had any guest run into an issue in several years.