Dreamtime with Brian MacGregor

Click the arrow to listen to the podcast:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-06-01_Front_Porch_Radio

Art On Display in June

Savannah artist Brian MacGregor joins us on the Porch to discuss his really freaking awesome art and lots and lots about the dream world. He is showing his work at Dandelion Communitea Cafe for the month of June. Jeremy Seghers also joins the discussion as curator for the cafe and Front Porch regular.

MacGregor’s concept behind his art focuses on a visual metaphor of the Collective Unconscious, dreams, and his international travels. He attempts to depict this realm by including hundreds of real people’s hand written dreams collected over many years from all ages and written in multiple languages. He then glues and paints over the dreams into his mixed media paintings. They are applied in a chaotic scientific fashion to mimic the building blocks of the human collective psyche. The imagery for these works ranging from landscapes, color fields, to figurative.

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