Global Peace Film Festival Filmmaker Roundup with Nina Streich

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Nina Streich is the Producer of the Global Peace Film Festival now in it’s ninth year here in Central Florida. This podcast discusses the festival and several filmmakers filled the studio to share about their films and the important topics they are so passionate about.

  • Lisa Tillmann, director of Off the Menu and a Rollins professor
    Whose political and economic interests are served by the ways people in the U.S. tend to relate to our own bodies, to others’ bodies, to eating, and to food? In the arenas of body and food, who has what kind of power? Who profits, and at whose expense? How can everyday people—like us!—resist and promote healthier relationships with body and food? Off the Menu documents a collaboration between 24 students and one professor of a course called The Political Economy of Body and Food. Through research, personal narratives, and critical art, contributors interrogate body and food-related assumptions, stereotypes, attitudes, values, and practices. 
  • Aleksey Siman, director of Food for Granted
    Food for Granted explores the issues of food waste and ostensible overproduction of food in restaurants, buffets and convention centers. Food industry tosses away tons of good, unused food everyday, while one in five people in United States struggle to put food on the table. Using Central Florida as the example of this underrated subject matter, filmmaker Aleksey Siman poses candid and inquisitive questions to food industry professionals in hopes to find a solution to a food waste epidemic. 
  • Emmanuel Itier, director of a film in last year’s festival – The Invocation – and he has a work in progress called “Femme: Women Healing the World”
  • Bob Frye, director of In My LIfetime

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