“SURREAL RADIO” Coverage of WPRK by Winter Park Magazine

This article really captures the spirit of WPRK, which really IS the “Best in Basement Radio”

Stumbling onto 91.5 while scanning the dial is like crash-landing in an alternative radio universe — a dimension of broadcasting in which every genre of music is honored, the DJs are unpolished and, in the spirit of non-commercial FM, all things really are considered.

While commercial stations thrive on rigid formats and frequent repetition of popular songs, WPRK proudly defies programming niches. It’s an indie rock station. It’s a blues station. It’s also, at various hours of the week, a jazz station, a reggae station, a country station and a late-night punk station. (What? You haven’t been tuning in for Punk Rock in Your PJs?)

The dozens of students and community volunteers who host the station’s music and talk shows around the clock are not paid for their on-air work, and their “announcing” is often more like coffee-shop chatter — informal, unscripted and sometimes meandering.

They give WPRK an eclectic, unpolished vibe heard nowhere else in Central Florida, with long, uninterrupted stretches of alternative music; earnest discussions of politics, economics and books; live performances by local bands; and endearingly goofy station-identification jingles.

I even got to add my take on this treasure of a radio station. (Note, this was written before I exited Dandelion, I’m no longer a co-owner):

Someone like Julie Norris, host of Front Porch Radio (4 p.m. Wednesdays). As co-owner of the organic Dandelion Communitea Café in Orlando, Norris says she’s found herself “at the intersection of people who are doing amazing things” and has brought their ideas to her show.

For seven years, Norris, 36, has hosted “everyday conversations” with guests on such topics as farmworker rights and holistic birth. “I talk about things that are not commonly talked about in mass media,” she says, describing her viewpoint as progressive yet pragmatic.

Norris says she’s not afraid to seem vulnerable on the air and that her lack of broadcasting expertise has helped make her show what it is. “The rawness keeps it real,” she notes.

Read the whole article here: https://winterparkmag.com/2015/04/17/winter-2012-8/

A New American Dream with Julie Norris

Click the arrow to listen to the podcast:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-06-08_Front_Porch_Radio

A time of transition for you? Julie Norris sits solo on the Front Porch and talks about pioneering the future as the past with a discussion on the “New American Dream” and the Declaration of Interdependence. Anyone interested in these topics should definitely totally attend the Living Economies: Place Matters conference.

Fabulous Fringe with George Wallace, Anthony Cosmano & Paul Castaneda

Click the arrow to listen to the podcast:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-05-25_Front_Porch_Radio

We’re halfway through the Orlando International Fringe Theatre  productions and our guests talk about their productions, what’s hot this year and some other insider info. George Wallace, Fringe General Manager, joined us on the porch to share inside info and give a little snapshot of Fringe past to present as it is celebrating it’s 20th year.

Mr Healthy’s Happy Land: “The land’s not happy and he’s not healthy, but this dark comedy still succeeds with its twisted portrayal of a burned-out children’s entertainer operating beneath a perpetual dark cloud. Our flask-toting anti-hero, Dale Evans, is trailed by a half-dozen paternity suits and a world of other troubles as he travels the country in a beaten-down van to spread “sunshine” to pint-sized audiences in a urine-stained carrot suit. As Evans, Anthony Cosmano channels the irreverence of Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in his blunt dialogue and, at times, in his mirror shades and cabana wear.” – From Jim Abbot’s Review

We Say: Produced by Anthony Cosmano, a totally sweet guy who is bringing this show to the Fringe, a first timer – show your support! RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!

Pandemonium: An original musical comedy featuring 9 actors, 4 dancers from Emotions Dance Company, 3 original works of art from Renee Wilson, 11 songs…all in a 60 minute retelling of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Did I mention Gaga?

We Say: Paul Castaneda of GOAT is a Fringe veteran, and his show last year was a Patron’s Pick. This year’s cross collaboration sound irresistible!

Big Big Big Hug: Who doesn’t want to hug their Fringe crush? Here’s your opportunity to cling-on during the First Ever Big Big Big Hug, a big ole hug-fest having on the lawn of Fringe on Saturday, May 28th. Front Porch Radio Host Julie Norris is producing this social experience featuring you! Everyone will be there, in costume!

Fringe Preview with Jeremy Seghers and Katie Green

Click the arrow to listen to the podcast:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-05-18_Front_Porch_Radio

Our guest Jeremy Seghers and Katie Green come to talk about their Orlando International Fringe Theatre  productions (see below) and towards the end there is a “How To Fringe” overview with recommendations for you from Jeremy.

Squatters: Carbon Productions, LLC proudly presents “Squatters” – a 30 minute, improvised sitcom from the mind of Jeremy Seghers premiering this spring at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Imagine the kids from Growing Pains, Silver Spoons or Family Ties becoming successful engineers, doctors and lawyers, then losing everything. It’s Arrested Development meets Noises Off meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with 7 completely different episodes!

Dog Powered RobotDog Powered Robot is back by popular demand and this time he’s fighting for us! This fast and funny show features lights, sounds, 7 brand new robots, puppets, pets, dancers, singing and fun all set to an original soundtrack. Can Dog Powered Robot save us or will the world end up neutered? Find out by watching Dog Powered Robot and The History of The Future, this May at the 2011 Fringe Festival’s Green Venue.

Big Big Big Hug Flash Mob of Bear Huggers taking place at Fringe on Saturday, May 28th that our Host Julie Norris felt compelled to call together. Come hug us.

FPR:: Slow Money with Woody Tasch

Slow Money by Woody Tasch

The book that's sparking the movement...

An interview with Woody Tasch, author of Slow Money & co-founder of the movement by the same name, whose aim is to bring money back down to earth. Their recent national competition landed two enterprises in the top ten: Dandelion Communitea Cafe (#1 restaurant, #9 overall) & Homegrown Co-op (#5 overall).

A national gathering is taking place in June. Guest co-host John Rife will be blogging live from the event at his site A Local Folk Us.

About Slow Money

BusinessWeek calls Slow Money “one of the big ideas of 2010.” Slow Money’s mission is to build local and national networks, and develop new financial products and services, dedicated to:

  • investing in small food enterprises and local food systems;
  • connecting investors to their local economies; and,
  • building the nurture capital industry.

Soil fertility, carrying capacity, sense of place, care of the commons, cultural, ecological and economic health and diversity, nonviolence — these are the fundamentals of nurture capital, a new financial sector supporting the emergence of a restorative economy. And these are the fundamentals of the Slow Money Principles.

Slow Money’s goal is: a million Americans investing 1% of their assets in local food systems within a decade.