Fabulous Fringe with George Wallace, Anthony Cosmano & Paul Castaneda

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We’re halfway through the Orlando International Fringe Theatre  productions and our guests talk about their productions, what’s hot this year and some other insider info. George Wallace, Fringe General Manager, joined us on the porch to share inside info and give a little snapshot of Fringe past to present as it is celebrating it’s 20th year.

Mr Healthy’s Happy Land: “The land’s not happy and he’s not healthy, but this dark comedy still succeeds with its twisted portrayal of a burned-out children’s entertainer operating beneath a perpetual dark cloud. Our flask-toting anti-hero, Dale Evans, is trailed by a half-dozen paternity suits and a world of other troubles as he travels the country in a beaten-down van to spread “sunshine” to pint-sized audiences in a urine-stained carrot suit. As Evans, Anthony Cosmano channels the irreverence of Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in his blunt dialogue and, at times, in his mirror shades and cabana wear.” – From Jim Abbot’s Review

We Say: Produced by Anthony Cosmano, a totally sweet guy who is bringing this show to the Fringe, a first timer – show your support! RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!

Pandemonium: An original musical comedy featuring 9 actors, 4 dancers from Emotions Dance Company, 3 original works of art from Renee Wilson, 11 songs…all in a 60 minute retelling of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Did I mention Gaga?

We Say: Paul Castaneda of GOAT is a Fringe veteran, and his show last year was a Patron’s Pick. This year’s cross collaboration sound irresistible!

Big Big Big Hug: Who doesn’t want to hug their Fringe crush? Here’s your opportunity to cling-on during the First Ever Big Big Big Hug, a big ole hug-fest having on the lawn of Fringe on Saturday, May 28th. Front Porch Radio Host Julie Norris is producing this social experience featuring you! Everyone will be there, in costume!