Podcast: Conscious Capitalism Florida with Vinny Tarfuro

Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter

Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter

It’s always an enlightening experience when Vinny Tafuro is a guest on Front Porch Radio. What is the difference between unconscious and conscious capitalism? Can corporations have empathy? Did you know Florida now recognizes B Corps? This is an uplifting conversation about pragmatic & holistic businesses by two of Florida’s most visionary entrepreneurs about Conscious Capitalism Florida and oh so much more! Take a listen:

This show aired live on WPRK 91.5FM on Wednesday,July 22nd at 4pm EST.

About the book

corporateempathyEmpathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a powerful human emotion. It is the reason we have advanced as a civilization. It is this emotion, combined with America’s adoption of capitalism through the American Revolution, that allowed our country’s greatest inventors and innovators to improve our world in profound ways. Thanks to their innovation and the economies of scale of our corporations we have been able to nurture technology and harness our natural resources bringing us to where we are today. Our best chance to fully embrace innovation and technology and move humanity forward is to empower corporations to utilize the human emotion of empathy.

About our guest

Vinny-Profile-Photo-769x1024In 2012 VINNY TAFURO published Corporate Empathy, capitalizing on the conversations, debates, and economic shifts being catalyzed by the growing rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of corporations as a result of corporate personhood. His Corporate Empathy brand uses sardonic and pointed commentary and slogans on high quality apparel and merchandise as a challenge to dated economic theories, thereby holding companies to human standards. Tafuro is also the founding president of Gasparilla Interactive, Tampa Bay’s showcase of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity and the Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter, whose purpose is to seek out and celebrate the role models of Florida’s conscious business community.

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This show originally aired on July 22nd at 4pm EST live on WPRK 91.5 FM in Winter Park, FL.