Podcast: Frontline report of Refugee Crisis in Greece with Kelly Milligan

We are witnessing a global refugee crisis unfold before our eyes and when we look to our own country, racism and fascism are on the rise.   Kelly Milligan of Sisters in Health,  spoke to us just before she left for Greece last year (listen to that podcast here) and has returned to the states to tell the tale from a front line account of the refugee rescue operation on the shores of Greece. This show aired live on WPRK 91.5fm on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.

Listen to the podcast here:



milliganKelly Milligan is a Midwife and Naturopath & the Executive Director of Sisters in Health. In the process of attaining her ND with a specialty in women’s and community health, Kelly specializes in low resource women’s health care and disaster relief. Providing care on the front lines is her passion.

In addition to continuous education in Biology, Psychology, Global Women’s Health, Alternative Medicine and Disaster Relief, Kelly has also lived and worked around the world learning about women from their own communities and is currently writing a book about her adventures traveling the world, the world of women around the globe, and providing health care for women and families and chronicles her life in the field on her blog.

In 2014, while responding to the devastation that was left from Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, Sisters In Health came to her as she sat in the birth tent with her sisters from around the globe & from there her non-profit organization, Sisters In Health, was born to serve all sisters of the globe on the premise that we all deserve to live our lives healthy, well and empowered. The Sisters in Health mission is to bring humanized health care, peace, and love to the women that have given up everything in order to survive.


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