Podcast: 2% Solutions for the Planet with Courtney White

2percentThe environmental problems we face today are significant. So it’s somewhat natural to assume that the solutions that will have an impact on those problems must themselves be significant, must be big. But in Two Percent for the Planet, Courtney White argues that many of the solutions that can make a real difference are actually smaller ones: low-cost, easy-to-implement strategies that can be employed today.

In this podcast, Courtney White takes us through a few of the the fifty innovative & engaging success stories from his book to inspire urban-dwellers, farmers, ranchers—anyone lamenting the scope of the problem and the apparent lack of action steps. New concepts such as agrivoltism and fibershed are introduced with a very practical overview of innovations from around the world.

Take a listen:

About the Author

Screen shot 2016-01-14 at 1.10.50 PMCourtney White is a former archaeologist and Sierra Club activist. He dropped out of the “conflict industry” in 1997 to co-found the Quivira Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to building bridges between ranchers, conservationists and others around practices that improve economic and ecological resilience in western working landscapes. He is the author of Grass, Soil, Hope, Revolution on the Range, and The Age of Conqequences. He lives in Santa Fe with his family and a backyard full of chickens.

This show originally aired live on January 13th at 4pm EST to WPRK 91.5 FM in Winter Park, FL.


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