Podcast: B-52’s Frontman Fred Schneider & Breyting Community Roaster

A tale of two longtime friends. One is a former straight edge punk & BMXer turned coffee disrupter, Von Coven, with a mission to help the communities in Laos & Vietnam still impacted by the Southeast Asia Conflict through his company, which is set to open a 4,000 square foot coffee roasting and packing plant, Breyting Community Roaster in DeLand, Florida this weekend. The other just so happens to be world famous frontman of The B-52’s, Fred Schneider, whose legendary dance party hits such as Love Shack, Rock Lobster and Private Idaho are still played on heavy rotation decades after their release.

Take a listen: (actual talk starts at the 4:25 mark)

After Breyting’s signature blend, Snake Bomb, launched to rave reviews, these friends decided to team up to craft a special line of coffee blends roasted to Fred’s liking: Monster & Invasion of the Caffeine Snatchers. Both will debut locally at the Grande Opening Tour & Tasting followed by a Monster Bash afterparty, hosted by Schneider. Both events are free and open to the public this Saturday, November 7th in DeLand, Florida. More details on both events can be found here.

And a shout out to today’s co-host Ms Mekanism who is a fabulous rock start in her own right and Miriphoto, who came to capture behind the scenes photos today (coming soon).

About our guests

fredschneiderFred Schneider is best known as the lead singer of legendary rock band The B-52’s with his four of his friends — Kate Pierson, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson and Ricky Wilson. Their 1979 self-titled debut album sold 500,000 copies behind the party rock hits “Rock Lobster” and “52 Girls.” Their 1980 follow-up, Wild Planet, proved to be another commercial success and critical darling, powered by singles such as “Private Idaho,” Give Me Back My Man” and “Strobe Light.”

In addition to his long tenure with The B-52’s, Schneider has enjoyed a successful solo career as both a musician and an actor. He has released two solo albums, Fred Schneider & The Shake Society (1984) and Just Fred (1996). In 2006, Schneider formed a synthetic pop band called The Superions, releasing both a self-titled EP and an album, Destination… Christmas!, in 2010. Schneider has also worked sporadically as an actor in films such as The Flintstones (1994) and The Rugrats Movie (1998).

riccovenVon Coven is the founder of The Breyting® Group, a privately held brand management company that cultivates a flourishing portfolio of branded companies and product collections. Each brand operates independently and with its own distinct identity and market segment and are supported by important synergies such as a shared fulfillment system, a talented support team, and an unwavering devotion to quality and ethics. Coven is a lifelong activist & his strong sense of integrity is the driving force behind his missions to raise awareness about important causes &  pay attention to the human & environmental impact of his work.

Tune in on November 4th at 4pm EST to WPRK 91.5 FM in Winter Park, FL or listen live online here.


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