Peering into 2013

Our annual glimpse into the future with intuitive Michelle Orwick of Orlando ThetaHealing, Evolutionary Astrologer Elizabeth Faulcon and new to the show is Mary Hayes who will be our Channel for the hour (

  • Michelle Orwick of Orlando ThetaHealing is a reader, healer and instructor. She has an infectious smile, a sensual presence and fierce insight into the cosmos.
  • Elizabeth Faulcon is a sassy and hilarious lady who gives some of the funnest and insightful astrology readings around. You’ll enjoy her!
  • Mary Hayes is an intuitive counselor, channel, medium. She serves as the temporal voice for the enlightened group called The Channel. On a conscious path for over 30 years, Mary has personally studyed with many of the living masters including Deepak Chopra, the Dali Lama, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss and Donna Eden. She works with clients from around the world at the renowned Cassadaga Hotel, as well as, by phone, Skype and at her private office in Maitland, Fl., Mary’s specialized area of focus is on providing accurate, inspired and uplifting guidance.

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