Occupy Wall Street inspires Occupy Orlando on October 15th

Click the arrow to listen in:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-10-12_Front_Porch_Radio

Occupy Orlando

Orlando is set to stand in solidarity with the 99% who are Occupying Wall Street and hundreds of cities across the nation and globe. A lively discussion about the revolution sweeping the nation and our own neighborhood with a fine group of free thinkers including:

  • Charles Eisenstein is the author of Sacred Economics and his recent commentary No Demand is Big Enough has swept the web. We spoke with Charles in depth a month ago (pre-occupation) and that hour long interview can be listened to here.
  • Orlando District 36 Representative Scott Randolph (D) is one of those politicians that is an exception to the rule, in our hostesses humble opinion. He’s real, and gets it. He is the first politician ever to enjoy a seat on our program.
  • Susannah Lindberg Randolph is the Executive Director of Florida Watch Action, an organization dedicated to strengthening the progressive movement in Florida. The group has made headlines with campaigns such as DirtyHari.com and PinkSlipRick.com.  She was recently made famous for her uterus, which is currently, happily, occupied.
  • Kat & Julie (not the host Julie, another Julie) have been organizing as part of a leaderless group of the 99% for Occupy Orlando. They are regular folks who have been moved into action, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street revolution.

Would YOU like to Occupy the Front Porch? Please contact us if you can come on air next Wednesday between 4 and 5pm to tell your story of why you stand in solidarity with the 99%.


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