Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

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Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is the author of Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. He writes about civilization, consciousness, money and human cultural evolution on the web magazine Reality Sandwich. He is a Yale graduate with degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy and currently serves on the faculty of Goddard College and is currently featured on the cover of Ode Magazine.

Charles tells a story about how to create the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible. We talk about bringing the sacred back into the economy with a particular interest in local economies and living in the gift.

Charles believes the time has come to stop making people pay for intellectual property. That is why the entire text of The Ascent of Humanity is on line (and Sacred Economics is being released on Reality Sandwich). He offers this as a gift. If you feel grateful and would like to sustain his work, you may give a gift to Charles as well. Speaking of gifts, this radio program is also a gift to you, and if you would like to give back, here’s a way.


One thought on “Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein

  1. Don Vande Krol says:

    Thank you for hosting Charles Eisenstein! My wife and I lost our house in July and at the same time lost our ability to host our Neighbors Gathering. Our hope was to see a network of Neighbors Gatherings emerge (which could still happen) but perhaps not in the way we envisioned. I think there were three main obstructions that we faced in the effort to create intentional community: Fear (neighbors are more inclined to join a Neighborhood Watch than a Neighbors Gathering), Financial Independence (as Charles points out, neighbors can buy services – they don’t really NEED one another), and Religious Bigotry dividing the world into “Us” vs. “Them”. Shared love will overcome the fear, a Sacred Economy will overcome the Financial Independence, and an inclusive worldview (such as Panentheism) will overcome the Religious Bigotry.

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