Rollins Sustainable “Living Lab” at the Mowbray House

Click the arrow to listen in:

We welcome Rollins College student Kristin Urban house manager of the Mowbray House, a sustainable “living lab” located on the Rollins College campus and Ann Francis, adviser to Eco-Rollins and manager of the student-run sustainability program.

As part of her move, Kristin used plastic, recycled moving bins called BungoBoxes. Tom Cannon joins us again on the Front Porch to share the fantastic progress that this local start-up has made.

— The Mowbry House: A five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, 2,800-square-foot residence houses seven eco-minded students.
— A worm farm: The Red Earthworms eat students’ food waste, junk mail and dryer lint.
— Organic soap-making station: Students sacrificed part of the kitchen to make their own soap.
— Medicinal plant garden: Tomatoes, radishes, broccoli, carrots and even okra.


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