Fringe Preview with Jeremy Seghers and Katie Green

Click the arrow to listen to the podcast:

Our guest Jeremy Seghers and Katie Green come to talk about their Orlando International Fringe Theatre  productions (see below) and towards the end there is a “How To Fringe” overview with recommendations for you from Jeremy.

Squatters: Carbon Productions, LLC proudly presents “Squatters” – a 30 minute, improvised sitcom from the mind of Jeremy Seghers premiering this spring at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Imagine the kids from Growing Pains, Silver Spoons or Family Ties becoming successful engineers, doctors and lawyers, then losing everything. It’s Arrested Development meets Noises Off meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with 7 completely different episodes!

Dog Powered RobotDog Powered Robot is back by popular demand and this time he’s fighting for us! This fast and funny show features lights, sounds, 7 brand new robots, puppets, pets, dancers, singing and fun all set to an original soundtrack. Can Dog Powered Robot save us or will the world end up neutered? Find out by watching Dog Powered Robot and The History of The Future, this May at the 2011 Fringe Festival’s Green Venue.

Big Big Big Hug Flash Mob of Bear Huggers taking place at Fringe on Saturday, May 28th that our Host Julie Norris felt compelled to call together. Come hug us.


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