The Pelvic Floor, Feminine Rising & Being Lost with Joan Whitacre

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At the beginning of the show we mention the Big Big Big Hug Flash Mob of Bear Huggers taking place at Fringe on Saturday, May 28th that Julie felt compelled to call together. Come hug us.

Today’s guest on the porch is wanderer Joan Whitacre – meditation instructor and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, a registered somatic-movement therapist, a certified practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, and has completed coursework for the Ph.D. in psych and education. She began her spiritual and mind-body awareness study, practice, and teaching in 1971, being an early student of Tibetan Buddhist masters and of Bonnie Cohen, founder of Body-Mind Centering. She has pioneered programs for women’s healing and empowerment, cancer patients, HIV + individuals, adolescents at risk for HIV infection, victims of violence, lay caregivers, and healthcare professionals. She founded Responsive Massage in 1979, The Wellbeing Project in 1991, and Whole Women Healing in 2001. Joan is currently teaching, developing a professional training program, and working on 2 writing projects.


2 thoughts on “The Pelvic Floor, Feminine Rising & Being Lost with Joan Whitacre

  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi guys,

    Loved this show. What is the name of the 2nd song (“I love you, but you don’t hear me…”)? I can’t find anything online for “Him for Her.” Is that the right band & song name? Can’t seem to track it down. Thanks for your help & keep up the great work!

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