Southern Discomfort visits the Porch: Ron Whitehead, Frank Messina, Tyrone Cotton & Anthony Broy

A few legendary guests worthy of advance introduction will be on the Porch this Wed, May 4th at 4pm. See them during their Southern Discomfort Tour Sunday, May 1st (tonight) at Timucua and for a special feature at DiVerse Word at Dandelion on Tuesday, May 2nd at 8pm. Julie, Leah & Maya had the pleasure of being at a special preview at the Kerouac House last night and WOW…. you REALLY don’t want to miss this!!!
photo: Robin Hollis
Ron Whitehead is one of the most famous poets in America and the world. He is the author of 21 books including Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon and Western Kentucky: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered and 31 CD titles including the classic “Tapping My Own Phone” and “I Will Not Bow Down.”
photo: Teri Bloom
Crowned “a classic” by the New York Times, Frank Messina is the author of Disorderly Conduct, and Full Count: The Book of Mets Poetry which sold over 60,000 copies since 2009. He’s performed his signature spoken word and music performances in over a dozen countries and all across America.
photo: Nelson Onofre
Tyrone Cotton is steeped in the blues, mixing folk, gospel, jazz, and pop to make American music which has been compared to Tom Waits, Dylan, Ray LaMontagne, and Johnny Cash. He has shared the stage with the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama, Johnny Winter, Jolie Holland, and Grammy nominated artist James Hunter.
Anthony Broy is a poet and former CEO and Chairman of investment firm Hill Thompson, Magid & Company and supervisor for the NASD. Broy has appeared as an expert consultant on Fox Business News, most notably regarding the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, in which Broy says FINRA and the SEC had full knowledge of Madoff’s activities to the point of criminal liability. Currently retired, Broy is working full time on a book of poetry and memoir.

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