Indie Folk Duo Paleface and Marjorie Holt on Urban Sprawl in Central Florida

Click the arrow to listen in:

Leah & Julie had fabulous, heart-filled, music from Paleface on the porch today. They are an indie-folk duo from North Carolina via New York and we LOVE them! They are playing at Wills Pub this Sunday and in DeLand a The Nest Thursday.

Here’s some video’s of the show by our engineer Dave Hall:


The second half of the show is the featured speaker at Green Drinks, which is Thursday at Dandelion Communitea Cafe. Marjorie Holt is a volunteer for the Central Florida Sierra Club and discusses environmental issues that are facing Central Florida right now. One issue includes an area of 17,000 acres in Osceola County that developers want to move in on–but this is also a wildlife corridor– FL panther and Black bear, along with many other animals are at risk with development here. More Urban Sprawl!? Say it ain’t so! Learn more here as well:


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