Wholisitic Sexuality with Sheri Winston, Part 1

Click the arrow to listen in:http://www.websightdesigns.com/frontporch/stream.php?id=2011-01-12_Front_Porch_Radio

Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston

The Porch has never been juicer! Listen in to Wholistic Sexuality Teacher and Counselor Sheri Winston (CNM, RN, BSN, LMT) discuss her award winning book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.

Central Florida Appearances:

Blissful Lotus on February 8th, in-studio at Front Porch Radio (that’s us!) February 9th, and a series of classes at the Florida School of Holistic Living starting on the 9th.  More Info Here.

Sheri Winston is a medical professional, sexuality educator and author who is on a mission to transform our culture’s attitudes about sex. She is the  Founder & Executive Director of the Center for the Intimate Arts and feels that life is for learning and believes that her current calling is to help transform our culture into one that celebrates sex as our vital life force, as a source of ecstasy, and as the glue and lubricant of delicious intimate relationships. She invites you to make your own journey to empowering yourself with information about your body, your potential and about Wholistic Sexuality!


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