FPR:: Slow Money with Woody Tasch

Slow Money by Woody Tasch

The book that's sparking the movement...

An interview with Woody Tasch, author of Slow Money & co-founder of the movement by the same name, whose aim is to bring money back down to earth. Their recent national competition landed two enterprises in the top ten: Dandelion Communitea Cafe (#1 restaurant, #9 overall) & Homegrown Co-op (#5 overall).

A national gathering is taking place in June. Guest co-host John Rife will be blogging live from the event at his site A Local Folk Us.

About Slow Money

BusinessWeek calls Slow Money “one of the big ideas of 2010.” Slow Money’s mission is to build local and national networks, and develop new financial products and services, dedicated to:

  • investing in small food enterprises and local food systems;
  • connecting investors to their local economies; and,
  • building the nurture capital industry.

Soil fertility, carrying capacity, sense of place, care of the commons, cultural, ecological and economic health and diversity, nonviolence — these are the fundamentals of nurture capital, a new financial sector supporting the emergence of a restorative economy. And these are the fundamentals of the Slow Money Principles.

Slow Money’s goal is: a million Americans investing 1% of their assets in local food systems within a decade.


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