Front Porch 01.09.08

We’re Fancy Podcasting Now! Listen Here: Please note that I cut out the songs as I’m not sure about copyright yet, but see below for links to the musicians!

Click Here to Download Podcast

Our Guests

The Music: I wasn’t sure about the copyright stuff, so I’ve cut out the music to be safe. BUT, the music is rad, so please check out these artists:



2 thoughts on “Front Porch 01.09.08

  1. Ryan Price says:

    You should change the title of the blog to “Front Porch Radio with Julie Norris”. That way, when people search for your name, you will be more “googlable”. Also, WordPress will let you past-date your postings, so you can at least post that one show we did back in the fall if you like.

    I also recommend signing up for a account – the idea with this is to share cool links – there are a couple of us using it here in Orlando, and certainly lots of people looking for cool vegan and eco-friendly stuff as well. If you’ve never seen a website called Lighter Footstep – they share bookmarks on Ma.gnolia – it’s also a very pretty site.

    I can’t wait to check out Ethos. It sounds so fabulous!

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